Wedding Florists

When you don't have much or any experience planning weddings, there can quite often be some confusion about what some of your vendors will exactly do for you. In the case of a wedding florist, for instance, some couples seriously wonder why they even need one. After all, how hard can it be to combine a rose with greenery or a violet with a petunia? The role of a professional wedding florist involves much more than that this function. Keep in mind that they will create the look and feel of your entire wedding. And that kind of skill is usually far beyond what the average lay person possesses. So, we strongly recommend that you find a professional florist to design all of your arrangements. But before you seriously start looking, make sure that you have booked both your ceremony and reception venues so you can discuss the floral needs of each. Don't worry, there is the perfect florist out there for you in the San Diego area. It is just a matter of time and hard work to find that perfect one. These questions should help you zero in on the choice you need.

Check out the websites of local florists and key in on the ones that look professional and that include amazing portfolio work from past weddings. You can also just drive to some local floral shops and take a look at what each one offers in terms of wedding packages. Once you have a list of around 3 to 5 candidates, contact each one and see if they would be willing to meet to talk about your wedding needs. When you start your interview with each, you can start by covering some basic ground. How long have they been in business? Do they do this full-time? How many weddings have they done? How did they learn how to be a florist? How would they characterize their style? Do you like the style they have described? Have them show you photos of flowers they have put together for past clients and you should feel something inside that is either pushing you toward candidate or pulling you away from them. Share your budget with them. What would they recommend based on what your budget is. A quality florist will know how to save you money without everything looking cheesy and still come in close to your budget number.

Show your color scheme to the candidate you are interviewing and see what flowers they might recommend based on these colors. Will they be able to create coordinating items like boutonnieres, bridesmaids flowers, and centerpieces? What about other d├ęcor that might bring together the entire picture. Are they able to provide aisle runners, trees, candleabras, trees, arches, votives, mirrors and more? How much will items like this add to your cost? Can they possibly provide sketches of what they have in mind for your wedding?

How much will the charge for their services be? Is there an extra charge for delivery, setup, and teardown? Do they require a deposit to secure their services? What is great about gathering all of this pertinent information from a number of candidates is you will be able to do some comparison shopping after you are finished with your interviews. Once you sit down and look intensely at each one side by side, it should become fairly obvious will candidate is the best choice for you. Once you know, go back and get everything in writing.