Haunted House

Everyone loves Halloween. This is because there is simply so much to love about Halloween and all of the attractions that appear around this time of year. There are cider mills and costume parties, sure, but what people really love the most about this time of the year are all of the different scary attractions that begin to pop up around this time of year such as Horror movies in all of the local movie theatres, but most beloved are the Haunted Houses.

While Haunted Houses can typically be described just as their title describes--that is, houses that have been repurposed to be decorated in the most terrifying fashion possible and employed by actors who have been costumed as terrifying monsters and the like. However, the concept of Haunted Houses can be all sorts of different things--it is more of a genre of attractions than anything else.

For example, you can have Haunted Houses that fit all sorts of different themes, and play on different fears of people who are attending the Haunted Houses. Some Haunted Houses could be decorated as Haunted Psych Wards, which can be decorated with evidence of past inmates, and have actors dressed as some inmates that were left behind, playing off of the fears of all of the people who have serious fears about psych wards. You can also find a Haunted House that is in the style of a Haunted Forest, which is more open and can be decorated in a great number of different ways--with actors dressed in gillie suits and as werewolves and the like. This can be a really terrifying type of attraction for many people who are afraid of the dark and forests, especially.

All of this really makes it clear that Haunted Houses are excellent Halloween attractions, and there are all sorts of different kinds that you can attend. So there are also all kinds of different Haunted Houses to enjoy around this time of the year, but the problem is that Haunted Houses usually only come around once a year, around the tail end of September and until the last day of October. With this limited amount of time, there's only so many Haunted Houses that you are given time to enjoy. A lot of the time, it gets difficult to organize a trip to a Haunted House with a big group of friends simplly because of transportation issues, and so if you do get to organize a trip, you only get to attend one seven-minute haunted house and that's the only haunted house you get to attend all year. That can be a major bummer.

This is where Party Buses come in. By renting a party bus with a group of your friends, you can ride around to all of the best Haunted Houses in your area all in one night, while making intermittent stops at all of the best bars in the area. Party Buses are awesome mobile parties that have excellent features within them such as brilliant interior multi-colored lights, a fantastic state-of-the-art built-in sound system that plugs into anything with an auxiliary port, and built-in coolers that can store whatever drinks that you want. This also means that it is indeed legal to drink on board of a party bus. This means that you can get together with all of your friends and kick back with some drinks before attending the next horrifying Haunted House! What a great way to spend a night during the Halloween season!